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about us

When it comes to Web Design, doing it right makes all the difference. And doing a web site right means, not just making it look good, but making sure your audience will get your message. At Versatile Web Technologies, we know how to combine cutting-edge graphic design with advanced internet technology to create a Web presence that works.

Versatile Web Technologies offers you over 5 years of computer, graphic, and marketing experience, coupled with a vast knowledge of the Internet. At Versatile Web Technologies , we are flexible, you can select to use some, or all of our services. We will work with your existing hosting service and domain name, or we can get you set up from scratch.

Where do you start?

At Versatile Web Technologies, we want to make sure you are completely informed about what is needed to establish an internet presence. To create a strong brand, we work with your existing print materials to create a sense of consistency with your customers.

If you are not exactly sure which direction you want or need to go in, we recommend you send us an email. We know how to help you get started. Or, you can visit one of the following websites for more information on web design guidelines:
- All Things Web: Design Fundamentals
- IBM Web Design Guidelines
- Colors for the Internet: Safe Colors to Use Online

the design process

At Versatile Web Technologies, we have clients all across the United States, so you you do not have to be local to use our services.

The design process takes on several stages:

    A meeting is either set via e-mail or telephone to discuss the requirements of the company.

    A project proposal will be laid out and presented to the client for approval.

    Upon approval or terms, as much information about the company is collected, i.e., brochures, business cards, video media, advertisements, etc.

    Design subjects are discussed with color schemes, logo, and navigation preferences, and all related content to be supplied by the client will be e-mailed or shipped.

    An original one page design will be created for the client to review. Any changes that are to be made to the design scheme will be made at this point, and the first alpha revision will be presented.

    Once the original design and navigation structure is approved, the remaining pages will undergo construction and a final alpha revision will be presented to the client. The site will be ready to go live shortly after we have final approval.

In most cases, we can have a client's website designed from start to finish within 30 days from the initial contact, provided all related material is supplied from client in a reasonable amount of time.