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about us

Technology. Experience. Creativity.

Those are just a few words to describe the talents that the management team at Versatile Web Technologies posses. We combine all of these aspects to create a successful web presence for each of our clients.

Brian Vass - President, Co-Founder
Brian has worked exclusively in the Internet arena since 1995. His experience and knowledge of the Internet has grown incredibly since then. Starting off as most individuals did long ago, he made a homepage. People admired his work, and he began making web sites for several close friends.

Shortly after this, he began dabbling in Internet programming languages such as CGI and recently PHP. He has done extensive research on design and Internet marketing strategies, and is proficient at graphic design.What was once a hobby, is now a full time occupation for Brian. To take this business to the next level and better serve clients, Brian joined forces with Adam Vakoc and founded Versatile Web Technologies.

He has worked for several companies including an executive position at Urban Media Productions and BigShot Entertainment. He currently serves as Versatile Web Technologies President and regularly directs web strategy and development for our wide range of clients.

Adam Vakoc - Vice-President, Co-Founder
Adam, the new Vice-President of Versatile Web Technologies since the new year, teamed up with Brian Vass as they realized each other's talent. Working together, they are an unstoppable duo.

In 1997, Adam took his fascination with computers to a new level. He ventured into the growing world of HTML and JavaScript. Starting with simple homepages on AOL and free services such as GeoCities, Adam joined with many companies from time to time. Over time, his knowledge and skills have matured like wine.

Adam currently serves as Versatile Web Technologies Vice-President and helps Brian develop and design our web-sites. You name what you want, Adam will give you exactly that.